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" .. strange though it is to say about a pilot, Harry comes across as grounded" - Paraic O'Brian Channel 4's Afghanistan reporter.
And, from the i Paper..
the down-to-earth prince

" It was getting boring, it's boring when you don't fly" - Prince Harry

Harry didn't say he'd personally shot any Taliban, he said "take a life to save a life, that's what we say" and  "we take them out of game"

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"Taking them out of the game"... merely military speak, though it's easy to see how some might get confused...

" .. it's boring when you don't fly"

Of course our daring darling hero Prince would never be let out of heavily fortified Camp Bastion, not for a jimmy riddle.

The UK establishment has far too much to lose to risk its number one overseas military status symbol poking his Apache 'copter blades an inch above the royal safe house's massive reinforced concrete perimeter walls.

So. Faffing about kicking sand around in Camp Bastion for four months... or gung ho gunning-down "the bad guys" by the dozen?

The ginger prince most probably isn't a coward - its just a shame he'll never be allowed to get the chance to be a hero either.

So.  Who's telling it like it is - a humble stoat down a sundry blog tunnel... or the nation's entire mainstream media, TV & tabloid jobsworth journalists & editors combined ?

Is there any lie they won't push to the British public to keep personal promotion & royal gong prospects intact?

Ask two very silly questions.


Toodle pip.


Harry "overjoyed" to be back in Blighty again, doubtless chomping at the royal bit to get back into the old five-grand-a-night taxpayer-funded-hotel party-naked romp-with-hookers: swing of things.
It's a tough "other job" but hey, in time-honoured tradition some ultra-priviliged royal parasite or other gets to do it.

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