• Bibi & Blair meet Gilbert & George

    Gilbert and George
      Arse Holes
      c. London Dada 2014

    Re-working of the infamous Gilbert and George "artwork" Bum Holes.
    A self-evident appropriation where additional comment is totally superfluous.


    Bum Holes ( 1994 )
    c. Gilbert & George

    - from their remarkable Shitty World series of the early 90s that rendered the talented twosome flush with success!



    London Dada; Reconnecting art with true perception and criticism of the times we live in.

  • How Israel exercises its " right to self defence".

    Specifically the banana attack.

    Israel has no right to defend land stolen through the ethnic cleansing of an entire people from their ancestral homeland and by use of indiscriminate mass genocide of civilians: against the very descendants of the surviving refugees living in the world's largest prison, Gaza. Quite to the contrary, Palestinians certainly do have the right, both morally and in international law; to resist decades of occupation and blockade of even medical supplies, their inhumane imprisonment and denial of basic human rights over decades.

    Israel has virtually wiped Palestine off the map, yet, amazingly, is outraged at vengeful terrorists suggesting the reverse should happen as just recompense.

    Two thousand Palestinian civilians killed and thousands more horribly injured, many maimed for life - including hundreds of children  - vs less than a hundred Israelis, 95% of them soldiers killed or injured in battle during the illegal invasion of Gaza.

    Israeli government Zionist terrorist thugs don't know the meaning of compassion, fairness or of proportionate response. To them, the life of a Palestinian in the Zionist-created concentration camp called Gaza is worth less than that of an animal.
    Kow-towing gutless politicians and statesmen - even, shamefully, the Arab League - make the usual token grudging whimpers of protest about "restraint" to the almighty Zionists. If Israel nuked Gaza tomorrow, you get the feeling even that would be tolerated in the long run, so ingrained by racial cronyism now is their corrupt and perverse influence at the heart of western establishment and mainstream media, proof of which is self-evident by the silence of the leaders including our own, David Chameleon - along with Ed Millibland and the wretched Clegg; fully paid-up sycophants of "The Friends of Israel"; in the face of unspeakable war crimes and genocidal atrocity never before seen in the history of warfare in the respect that the civilian population is fenced in and has nowhere to escape to for safe shelter.

    They're bombing mosques, hospitals and even targeting ambulances, the morgues are full to overflowing and the medical staff unable to cope with the stream of victims; whilst Israel continues to restrict access to relief aid at the one and only border crossing.

    And still Obama gives these heartless sub humans the green light to continue wreaking death and destruction previously unknown in warfare, onto an entire civilian population.

     Not for the first time the mental atmosphere of the entire planet is being polluted with anxiety, fear, grief and hatred by the unspeakably evil war crimes of the Israeli military; you don't have to be a sensitive psychic to feel it.

    Israelis will never achieve the balance of peace and security that they crave, so long as their government continues to practice unspeakable barbarity against the Palestinians and to deny them their human rights and legitamate claim to a state of their own.  How long will it take for truth to dawn - for hearts to open?

  • Jam Tomorrow Politics - 'give us more! '

    jam tomorrow politics
     A Triptych of 'Jam Tomorrow Politicians' TM

    The Con hold (a conman's hold) in Newark this week, albeit with a much-reduced majority, goes to show the electorate in this country can be flayed half to austerity death by a bunch of privileged out-of-touch crooks yet still be counted on to get their vote, even when their former MP, the bent bar steward Patrick Mercer, was forced to quit after being exposed in an unlawful lobbying scandal. Terminally unreal.
    Not that the Stoat advocates UKIP as the solve-all to the nation's woes - but bloody hell Middle England, grow the f*king spine to try something post-WW2 different


    The time-honoured world of Jam Tomorrow Politics, where don't worry everything's going to be just fine and dandy-rosy in the garden of tomorrow, blooming hedgerows of electoral pledges and all... if you can just hang on, work hard and keep swallowing the never-ending compost heap of shite they're forking out to you today...and I don't know whether anyone's ever noticed, but last time the stoat at least checked, it's always today - yes?

  • Cam, Clegg & Milli' - UKIP suit you sirs!

    ukip rosette
      The official UKIP rosette

    Milliband speech
    Ed Milliband on the rebound and holding forth, soft-soaping the crowd with more " Jam Tomorrow Politics" c / w  grandoise Tony Bliar -style "Billy big balls statesman" hand gestures, at a Labour gathering the day after the Euro elections nightmare before... nicely turned-out and sporting a UKIP colored tie we see.
    Co-incidental / Subliminal?  Hardly.


    Cameron's reserved UKIP shirt

     And a UKIP flavor shirt  awaiting the PM on his return from Brussels and pathetic grovel plead to lard arse Merkel and the EU tin pot bureaucrats to adopt a more basically UKIP-leaning stance.

    farage beer-001cable beer

    Nigel Farage with trademark pint... and Vince "froth" Cable pictured during his pub outing with Nick Clegg today -  you guessed it sporting the obligatory UKIP blackcurrant  leash and drinking from the identical Farage " workin' bloke " tipple well.
    Well well well
    whatever next - The LibDoomed arguing for an in/out Euro referendum before 2015? You Bet !

    First all three main parties and all the MSM subject Farage to a barrage of cheap shot juvenile personal abuse.. then when the electorate still vote for the party that best reflects their real concerns; start pilfering  UKIPs clothes boith politically and literally.

    Cameron, Clegg, Milliband and UK Main Sewerstream media paid-off journos hacks & editors - anti-democracy bastards beneath contempt.


    Toodle pip



    * " Jam Tomorrow Politics" and " Jam Tomorrow Politicians" are phrases coined and introduced online by Michael St. Mark, 25th May 2014

  • A Lardy Lord's apology for an apology

    Breaking news on C4 this evening; that bastion of defense of womens' rights, Lord Rennard, finally apologizes to the four Lib Dem ladies who, over the past 15 months, have insisted he groped them during the course of their Parliamentary duties.
    In a blood-from-a-stone long-overdue letter to the women, the gracious Lord says sorry for " invading their personal space" ( lol ) and assures them it was entirely " inadvertent " ( LOL ).
    So; the lard-laden Lord claims to have sneaked his sweaty paws down the back of a female party colleague's attire by accident... yet C4s Cathy Newman, in interview with one of the victims -  Ms Goldsworthy - didn't have the common gumption to spot the gropingly obvious and raise the insulting nature of Rennard's apology ( poor show, Channel 4   )
    In that case; here at Stoat tunnels we thought it would definitely be rendering a valuable service to the overweight ermined one, to point out the subtle difference between an open filing cabinet and a lady's skirt; both of which I suppose could inadvertently be mistaken one for the other when frantically dipping ones hands here n' there abouts a busy office in the hectic thoes of coalition  - if one  urgently needs to get one's dirty MCP arse over to Specsavers that is...

    fc n dress
     Note to diary, Lord Rennard - the open filing cabinet drawer is at  bottom left. picture


    Toodle pip!



    * Linkback to the first CS Lord Rennard post, " when only a few words will suffice".


    London Dada - reconnecting art with true perception and criticism of our times

  • A Cheeky Stoat pic tip for Clegg & the Lib Dem Lemmings..


    FFS  get a grounded political advisor in pronto.. to knock it into yr poor naive numbskull the fact that your demented march Brussels'ward will inexorably lead to you and your fellow yellow lemmings tumbling right over yon white cliffs of Dover - aka the 2015  GE - on't way.
    You can't argue with geography ( or political reality), Nick me old son !

    Toodle pip


  • Putin' the Proper Charlie right.

    daddy  __________________________ daily mail putin hitler idiocy 
     Shameless guilt-tripping the cannon fodder, 1914...... & shameless war-mongering lies, 2014

    george VI

    "Grandaddy, what did YOU and your brother do in the last war ...besides sucking up to that Mr Hitler chap?"

    Wallace hitler shake

    "... and were Daddy's family really in Hitler's Nazi party and the SS? "


    and laters...

    lady di

    " Whatever Love is ......

      ... besides taking my true love, the ravishing CPB, up the aisle behind your back "

    prince charlesCharlie Anachrasaur

    And no, those aren't earphones Proper Charlie perma-wears - they're giant ear PLUGS shutting out the REAL WORLD.
    FFS you cuff-fiddling Goons-worshipping twit, Putin's no angel, esp' in his unqualified support for the genocidal Assad regime, but he sure as hell aint no Hitler - you know, that loveable rogue your father admired in his youth and your relatives grovelled to serve and appease?

    Toodle pip


    btw.  Just in case anyone has any doubts...

  • One must save the Rhino!

    Royal Idiocy




    London Dada - kickstARTing the 21st C.

  • Lord Renard - when only a few words suffice.

    Lord Renard

     Hey there bloater chops in ermine ! ...

    ...if biological 'dicktat'  'dicktates' you really must grope at womens' private bits Lord Fox; at least have the "decency" to dip into your multi millionaire dodgy tax haven pot to satisfy your uber perversion within the private confines of one of Westminster's many local knocking shops - or get a f*ing escort in whatever.

    I'm sure many of your fellow peers and MPs would be only too delighted to offer you their recommendations, directions and/or requisite dial-a-slut numbers.

    Definite LL



    London Dada - kickstARTing the 21st C.


    Stop Press; May 29th. Rennard offers an insult of an apology.
    Blog post here.

  • Get a handle on the Osborne / Tory welfare scandal

    Fuming and foaming at the mouth watching the unspeakable hypocrisy of the eternally pin-striped Oxbridge oaf Oik Osborne's conference speech unfold, the Stoat calms down via a few paps on the old twig pipe while lounging on his cosy reed bed at'back of his wee riverbank stoat hole...
    Oik's insufferable 19th C. "get off my land" talking-down-to-the-commoners speech is only halfway through before Stoaty finds himself drifting into a contemplative reverie, surrounded quite aptly by the fog of pipe smoke hanging in the dank damp air of the stoat hole.
    And certain things coalesce.
    The reason the Tories are keen as mustard to dismantle the public sector is of course to create the same jobs in the private sector, where their former leader Thatcher's government has already paved the way in the destruction of workers rights, pay and conditions. Where they have workers by the Victorian workhouse nuts, basically.
     Where Zero Hours working with zero rights will be the norm in order to absolutely maximize profits for the multinationals - the heads side of the bent and dirty Tory coin.
    Now for the coup-de-grace!  The ConDems propose the long term unemployed must accept voluntary work - work for nothing - in order to be entitled to their measerly benefits.
    And we thought it's convicts who get forced to work for their food and shelter.
    As the Stoat ranted a while back;
    " Get 'em out shovelling shite for nowt" - that indeed is Oik, IDS, the Tories and big business's dream scenario, their holy grail. "Get them up out of their wank pits, off their pizza-fat arses, digging out canals for Sweet Fanny Adams, get em replacing the decent-paid jobs of those doing the same work".
    That way all workers become degraded to slave-labour level..and the result?  The absolute maximizing of profits for the already tax-exempt multinat's. Simples!
    A plantation wage economy - thats the Tory/ City dream ticket.
    No matter that there are no jobs to fill for the majority, no matter that the Tories dont even have an elected mandate to govern.
    And if they think this latest massacre of peoples' rights will win votes off those in work, they should think again; for when it dawns on the manual worker especially that the ground is being steadily dug away from under him by a savagely punitive Tory welfare policy, that ultimately his job will inevitably be nicked by some poor f*ker fresh off the dole whipped into doing what he's doing for next to no pay... then they're sunk.
    Cameron / Oik say they want transparency..
    Not here they FW don't 

    Toodle pip,


    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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