• The Madness of Temperature Records



    " The UK has seen the hottest July day on record, with temperatures hitting 36.7C (98F).

    The Met Office said the reading had been registered at Heathrow - breaking the previous record set in 2006.

    A level 3 "heatwave action" heat-health alert has been declared for all parts of England. " -

    The BBC

    Meanwhile those with a discerning eyesight will notice Heathrow ( red dot on map) is to the west of London, whose traffic levels and population are at an ongoing ever-increasing  high, largely due to immigration.  Forecasters routinely add 2 degrees for night time temperatures caused by combined man-made heat sources within the metropolis limits. For daytime temperature readings this additional human activity temperature increase would obviously be greater.
    Max factor in today's light easterly breeze wafting greater heat than ever before from London's jam-packed traffic volumes and Bob's yer Uncle - temperature records keep tumbling at measuring stations close to or within Greater London.

    It's man-made warming Jim - but not as the IPCC or the bought-off Met Office want us to believe. Show us heat records tumbling outside of the Greater London downwind area and the stoat'll show you an ice cream in the Sahara.

    IPCC - show us your night time temperature records to match your hottest year ever ( day time only readings )  claims.

    If Global Warming's not caused by downwind  localised urban heat sources such as increasing working hours traffic levels, then maximum night temperatures would also be the hottest on record. 

    Are they, IPCC ?


  • Fearful Sheep of England - enjoying the Con man's whip hand.

    .. at least there was some great Lib Dem entertainment along the way...
    ( note redacted sign post out to sea )

    Nick Clegg

    Pre-election Nick - still clinging to the Lib Doomed dream.
    Only just scraped in by the skin of his housewifes' fave pretty blue-eyed boy face in Sheffield - but it's going to be pretty lonely on the green benches til he gets shoed-in to the cushy number doubless already lined-up for him in Brussels; before the obligatory knighthood for services to pledge-breaking politics and tacid support for Tory social wrecking policy; and his useless arse is plonked on the useless red leather benches of the useless House of Lards.

    Clegg bedecked in ermine and smirking as above - only a matter of time.

    Spam face Cameron meanwhile, only sneaked back in - like a cat burglar not being able to believe his luck at being let back in to finish his dirty filthy work - but only by stealing UKIPs clothes and pledging ( yeah sure) a Euro referendum by the end of 2017 ( so at the end of 2017 then ). . Farage's irrefutable logic that only a Britain outwith a political union with Europe would be able to stem the endless tide of housing, education, NHS & social services-crippling open-door mass unskilled immigration from eastern Europe; having gotten through to the public and persuading them to lend their votes to the Tories at last night's ballot box.

    Mass open-door immigration - now going way beyond the country's capacity to accomodate - was the number one issue on the pre-election doorstep. What a shame "democratic" Labour couldn't put one and one together during the campaign and see the obvious electoral win win of adding an EU referendum pledge to the Ed stone.

    * Update; Sunday 24th May. Labour's Hariot Harman announces a Labour U turn on Europe, declaring the party are suddenly in favour of the promised referendum. Sheesh, talk about gates and bolted horses.

    Nothing quite like announcing an election-winning policy .. after the election, hey Harroit.

    A stoat in a hole could have run the Labour campaign better.

    At any rate, it's class war now that the Bullingdon club bar stewards TM have more or less a free whip hand to subjugate an entire working population into plantation wage zero hours slavery and privatize the NHS wholesale etc etc etc.

    Now for the meat hook reality of the Tories unbridled and unleashed. Pack your bags and head off somewhere warm and sunny if you'vre got any sense - the country's finished as far as quality of life's concerned.

    As mentioned to our blogger colleage Ian Thorpe earlier;
    The French like to protest, the Endlish love to get whipped.

    Seems only the Scots have the gonads to stand up to generations of Westminster abuse and expolitation.
    The prospect of Salmond vs Cameron at it debate hammer and tongs in the Commons is the only
    consolation from today's death knell to democracy ...and uber triumph of extended Thatcherism.

    5 years of unbridled and mercenary Tory cuts, privatisation, worker abuse and further civil rights erosions - lovely thought isn't it.

    Toodle Pip


    * Addendum. More Election Night screenshot gems for your esteemed perusal, dear stoatfans; hover mouse over the images for the titles & click to big 'em up.

    a bad clegg departsMr Froth goes.. frothyWild-rug Insanity full steam ahead

    Nick Clegg gains Sheffield; "never in the history of politics has a party leader been so depressed by victory"
    Vince Cable - doubtless looking forward to his obligatory House of Lards shoe-in for services rendered to corporate greed. 
    'Mr Froth' in ermine; the archetypal sell out.
    While BJ's ( unfortunate initials those, mum & dad ).. wild rug insanity steamrollers ahead!

    .PM in waiting god help us

    Our future PM ? - clueless meat in a loony sandwich.

  • Ever noticed - Labour in office never repeal any bad Tory laws

    Recent comment ( abridged) on on subject of social housing states.


    It took years to dawn in my wee stoat cranium - mainly because it takes several changes betwixt between Lab  / Con governments to notice and confirm -  that Labour in office have never repealed ANY previous Tory legislation, even those that in opposition they foamed at the mouth railing against - the mega VAT hike to 16% from 7% being one of many examples - socially regressive housing legislation being another ( late 1980s/early 90s bitch Thatcher/ plonker  Major disaster era, where powers over tenants were handed wholesale to landlords with legislation that got rid of protected tenancies and fair rents.
    Notice to quit is now just 2 months ( no reason required! ) also thanks to the Tories - wholesale destroyers of social stability and sense of security either in work, housing or now in NHS healthcare and elderly / disabled care...with time-honoured complicity of the shameless Labour party and recently those political whores the Lib Dems.

    And talking of; don't even mention those spineless self-serving maggots the Labour MPs' unquestioning waving-through of the illegal Iraq war on the back of the wretched Alisdair Campbell's work of fiction on behalf of his war criminal Dubbya-bum licking boss..

    " We got it wrong " - Ed Milliband

      You don't f*ing say.


  • Heading for a Bugger's Muddle Parliament

    Responding to blogger, writer  and poet Ian Thorpe's recent post highlighting absence of newspaper headlines on a string of astonishingly abusive election run-up incidents perpeprated against members of political parties that don't curry favour with the corporate MSM's bought-off editors.

    In particular, one prominent crazy-as-a-craphouse rat  Lib Dem woman's  poisonous rants, that conveniently slipped below the headlines...

    "A Liberal Democrat activist who sits on two national party committees has been suspended from her regional party after a string of sexist comments on social media. The activist in question, Sarah Noble, made multiple tweets of a disturbingly hateful nature, including "kill all men”, "fuck men”, and "die cis[gendered] scum” "


    Didn't notice many front page splashes on this rabid woman's twitter spew - as there certainly would have been for similarly deranged comments by a Labour or UKIP luminary at the moment.

    Vested interest MSM propaganda isn't only about unsubstantiated headline shouts in, say, the Torygraph chip wrapping, but is also pushed across the board by bent editors' politically-biased selective news redactions  and omissions.

    This election, more than any other, is a battle between dinosaur hard copy corporate media- biased news and now strong free range social media; that explains the inexorable rise of smaller parties in  recent times.

    Maybe a Buggers' Muddle Parliament TM is no bad thing ... great TV!

    Toodle Pip

    Cheeky Stoat

    buggers' muddle


    Post election update; it was the polls that were in the buggers' muddle
    Fraud? Investigation launched.

  • NHS / A & E reality, early 2015

    12 Ambulances

    Captioned photo, origin unknown.
    Public service image for download / retweet etc

    paramedic stress

  • A Chameleon with ties to UKIP

    During coverage of Chameleon Dave's final token visit to the doomed Tory cause called Rochester and Strood yesterday, the Stoat sits abruptly up on his springy reed bed at the sight of the PM brazenly sporting the old UKIP blackcurrant leash!

    Just as I've suggested through several posts over many a long year; politicians do in fact attempt to play subliminal mind games with the electorate via the colour of the tie they accidently-on-purpose choose to wear for a given event or speech. Gone on Tuesday was the true Tory blue tie shining beacon-brightly out at us at PM Qs, Conference platform rant or Lord Mayor's Banquet lame joke-around; nay, herewith the Prime Minister of this country clinging desperately to a dope's hope - magical thinking. That somehow the sight of big chief Downing Street wearing UKIP colors will, in some Freudian way, sway UKIP waverers into believing a Farage mirage to be nearly the same as Farage himself in all but fag & pint down the local, name.

    Nice try, loser

    cameron ukip tie2

    UKIP Dave with the ravishing Kelly Tolhurst, the Conservative candidate for the seat of R&S
    18/11/2014  ( image courtesy Daily Torygraph )


    Cameron ukip shirt
    Image from June 1st 2014 blog post; " Cam Clegg & 'Bland - UKIP suit you sirs!!! "

    Linkback here


    Update; 26/11  The wretched Nick Clegg now dangling by the UKIP lifeline leash too - as predicted.
    clegg ukip
    Nick " UKIP colors" Clegg is set to outline his proposals to curb benefits to European Union migrants during a meeting with his German counterpart in Berlin.

    Toodle pip


  • Bend it again Sepp.

    All the old Cheeky Stoat gags are the best here we go again following the latest sewer of corruption manhole cover-lift view down on more passing poo'ey naughtiness by those loveable rogues FIFA and World Cup bidding-rigging in favor of Qatar and holding the tournament in a frikkin' outdoor oven.

    This guy'll bend it all day long with a piss-taker's permagrin etched far and wide across his fat, greasy, corrupt old chops; while that evergreen stuck-in-a-football time warp clique of old school tie tossers, that anachronistic archetype of the days of Coleman commentary and the leather ball - the FA - simmer with impotent rage.
    That'll teach 'em to play fair with foreigners!




    Toodle pip 


    ( Link to BILB artwork from 2011 )

  • "Global Warming & CO2 rises" - a stoat's angle.

    Sparked by fellow blogger in arms Ian Thorpe's latest, lampooning the so-called climate change experts, the bought-off scientists so-called consensus -  have a butchers

    Here's how a stoat down a dank hole  might - just might -  make more sense than the entire IPCC..


    As vehicle numbers in large cities and conurbations worldwide rise almost exponentially, it'd be interesting to discover the downwind effect their emissions may be having on data from the measuring stations scientists use to derive figures on global CO2 and temperature rise.

    It may well be that stated global increases in CO2 and temperature that are imputed to be global are merely the result of combined readings corrupted by increases in localized pollution.
    Determining the geographical proximity of these measuring and sampling stations to large cities and analysing the prevailing wind directions at each location may give one good explanation for apparent global temperature and/or CO2 rises.

    Glacier retreat may also be explained in quite another way apart from mean air temperature allegedly rising. Particulates of industrial and vehicle emission (especially with regard to the dramatic increase in soot-producing diesel-powered cars and HGVs ) pollution are being deposited onto glaciers ( fallout in rain & snow ) at a greater volume than at any time in man's history. These particles are dark or black in colour, the colour that absorbs maximum heat due to its albedo ( reflective index) being very much less than the native snow or ice onto which it falls. Therefore a much greater amount of the sun's energy in form of radiation is absorbed through into the glacier than would previously be the case, causing it to melt and retreat from its pre-industrial  extent.
    The gold standard test for this hypothesis naturally being to compare retreats - or absence of - similar latitude and altitude glaciers of those remote from large industrial and population centres, with those relatively close by.

    - M.St.M

    As they say, there's usually a good reason for everything - but it aint necessarily the one they gave you at school, kiddies 


    * Copy&paste away, fellow surfers ...but be a decent chap or chapette and give a Stoat credit.. or I'll be down yer trousers like my cousin the ferret.

  • Saturday silliness, IBC down under..

    icebucket challenge3

    How was it for you three Bruces?

  • Bibi & Blair meet Gilbert & George

    Gilbert and George
      Arse Holes
      c. London Dada 2014

    Re-working of the infamous Gilbert and George "artwork" Bum Holes.
    A self-evident appropriation where additional comment is totally superfluous.


    Bum Holes ( 1994 )
    c. Gilbert & George

    - from their remarkable Shitty World series of the early 90s that rendered the talented twosome flush with success!

    Make of the gallery commentator's convoluted justification for male excrement, urine and semen on canvas what you, er, willy.
    " The visual co-existence of any combination of the anal (shit), the penile (piss, spunk) and the oral (spit) challenges further the masculine rigidity of ‘I’, which provokes what Calvin Thomas calls ‘male anxiety’ and catalyses the queer affinities of the imagery. "

    Ahh FFS!



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