• One must save the Rhino!

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    "The species must be preserved at all costs"........." Why is that sirs?"

    " So we can keep shooting the buggers of course! "




    London Dada - kickstARTing the 21st C.

  • Lord Renard - when only a few words suffice.

    Lord Renard

     Hey there bloater chops in ermine ! ...

    ...if biological 'dicktat'  'dicktates' you really must grope at womens' private bits Lord Fox; at least have the "decency" to dip into your multi millionaire dodgy tax haven pot to satisfy your uber perversion within the private confines of one of Westminster's many local knocking shops - or get a f*ing escort in whatever.

    I'm sure many of your fellow peers and MPs would be only too delighted to offer you their recommendations, directions and/or requisite dial-a-slut numbers.

    Definite LL



    London Dada - kickstARTing the 21st C.

  • Get a handle on the Osborne / Tory welfare scandal

    Fuming and foaming at the mouth watching the unspeakable hypocrisy of the eternally pin-striped Oxbridge oaf Oik Osborne's conference speech unfold, the Stoat calms down via a few paps on the old twig pipe while lounging on his cosy reed bed at'back of his wee riverbank stoat hole...
    Oik's insufferable 19th C. "get off my land" talking-down-to-the-commoners speech is only halfway through before Stoaty finds himself drifting into a contemplative reverie, surrounded quite aptly by the fog of pipe smoke hanging in the dank damp air of the stoat hole.
    And certain things coalesce.
    The reason the Tories are keen as mustard to dismantle the public sector is of course to create the same jobs in the private sector, where their former leader Thatcher's government has already paved the way in the destruction of workers rights, pay and conditions. Where they have workers by the Victorian workhouse nuts, basically.
     Where Zero Hours working with zero rights will be the norm in order to absolutely maximize profits for the multinationals - the heads side of the bent and dirty Tory coin.
    Now for the coup-de-grace!  The ConDems propose the long term unemployed must accept voluntary work - work for nothing - in order to be entitled to their measerly benefits.
    And we thought it's convicts who get forced to work for their food and shelter.
    As the Stoat ranted a while back;
    " Get 'em out shovelling shite for nowt" - that indeed is Oik, IDS, the Tories and big business's dream scenario, their holy grail. "Get them up out of their wank pits, off their pizza-fat arses, digging out canals for Sweet Fanny Adams, get em replacing the decent-paid jobs of those doing the same work".
    That way all workers become degraded to slave-labour level..and the result?  The absolute maximizing of profits for the already tax-exempt multinat's. Simples!
    A plantation wage economy - thats the Tory/ City dream ticket.
    No matter that there are no jobs to fill for the majority, no matter that the Tories dont even have an elected mandate to govern.
    And if they think this latest massacre of peoples' rights will win votes off those in work, they should think again; for when it dawns on the manual worker especially that the ground is being steadily dug away from under him by a savagely punitive Tory welfare policy, that ultimately his job will inevitably be nicked by some poor f*ker fresh off the dole whipped into doing what he's doing for next to no pay... then they're sunk.
    Cameron / Oik say they want transparency..
    Not here they FW don't 

    Toodle pip,


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  • Royal baby - a nation goes potty

    Jesus H. Christ pogo'ing around an old Norman christening font, how could anyone have ducked that tidal bore of media-orchestrated histrionical sludge surrounding the royal birth - even, if like little YT, they try their darnedest to look away and earplug-up.
    For trotting downtown only today - taking a break from me hot & humid wee riverbank stoat hole - I could not but help but inadvertently catch glimpse of headline & photo from yesterday's Daily Getsworse staring crumpled from the gutter; of the "First Royal Wave" from within maternity ward swaddling.
    Ahh FFS!
    Only another few thousand pointless royal gestures to go then :**:
    Still, glass half full s'ppose - the sickeningly fawning and pathetically grovelling royal gongsworths at Murdoch /BBC brainwash control so overcooked the story that by all accounts it evoked a mass telly turn-off throughout the land.
    No bad thing that, what!
    Toodle pip


  • "The secret life of cats, the terrible waste of licence-payers'dosh

    Anyone watching that dreadful BBC folly " The secret life of cats" last night would have cringed at the terrible waste of punters' money being spunked at the Beeb on pointless programme-making debacles such as this.
    An entire studio equipped with banks of monitors, spycams, steadicams, GPS tracking linked to outside broadcasting vans, large screen graphics displays and a roster of overpaid presenters... all to keep a track on the nocturnal habits of the average domestic pussy... er cat.
    When anyone with even a  small modicum of common knowledge the size of a cat's furry bell already knows what TF  they get up to - go out, kill a few slugs and mice, prowl around a bit, have a crap then a scrap with / rape of next-doors moggie and sneak in to munch the spoils of victory from its bowl.
    What TF new did the dapper team of investigators learn FFS besides what the nation's overgrown weed gardens look like from about four inches off the ground, courtesy of "catcam" ?
    F*k off BBC you drab talentless collection of gravy train-riding  jobs-for-the-boys worths!
    Try something different, Auntie - like this from the hilariously wonderful Cathead's Cranky World - " Last Night's Fun - Abigail gets hers!"
    ( but you never will because you're run by a dismal bunch of talent-averse and humourless pompous-arsed out-of-touch Oxbridge-indoctrinated stuffed shirts.  )

    Toodle Pip


    "Scientists discovered the cats appeared to try to avoid confrontation with neighbouring felines and visit each others houses. However, the cat cam footage also revealed squabbles over territory remained. There was also an incident with a fox and with a nest of fledglings"
    - BBC

  • Mrs T's send-off and some wishful thinking..

    *Departing my stoat TV lounge for the computer room, I catch one last running strapline banner on Sky News that is naturally today, along with the bollockshead BBC, more  full of it than ever.
    of course being in the form of the virtual state funeral at taxpayers' expense of the most hated western leader of modern times...
    "Police have this morning given permission for protestors to turn their backs on Margaret Thatcher's coffin"

    How about that? What more needs to be added to the debate as to whether the UK has become a police state?
    Anyway....Wishful thinking, yes.
    Wishing that today's funeral was a funeral not only for an out-and-out madwoman called Maraget Thatcher but for Thatcherism itself. An end to that perculiarly vicious mentality that pervaded her time in office and continues on, through Blair and now Cameron, to this day -a mentality devoid of compassion or feeling for others.
    Straight brutal economics was her forte, no time for its impact on society, which of course, in her insanity, she didn't believe even existed.
    The free market and privatisation of all assets at all costs, no matter that we can all see today, only too vividly, where exactly that obscenity of thought has inexorably led us..
    No time for "moaning minnies"  mamby-pamby pandering to human values or ordinary peoples' right to security in work and in housing that form the backbone, the bedrock, of any decent society.
    Hers was surely a value system straight out of Orwell's 1984 - a year, fittingly enough, when she was in power and in her most destructive pomp - where money and ultra privilege for the corrupt and ruthless few is guarded by the iron fist of state power."
    Money and power for the select few at the expense of the vast majority's human rights, dignity and quality of life
    "..would make quite the apt epitaph.
    It's that Thatcherite bitch of a bullying, arrogant and inhumane attitude forming political policy resulting in repressive, unfair and expolitative legislation that needed burning to ashes at Mortlake today-  and its wretched soul booting straight to the bottom of one of her shut-down pits, forever.

    Toodle Pip,

    Cheeky Stoat

    * Stoat joke of the week..

    Q. How do you Mark Thatcher's funeral?
    A.  With an illegal African arms deal and some fun gun-running, natch.

    Good Lord !?

    Meanwhile, finally, a politician whose brain is actually in gear over this...

  • She's finally left the ruined building..

    Thatcher b.
    Margaret Thatcher in her insane bellicose pomp, addressing a 1970s Conservative party conference.

    With many a gong-coveting grovelling mainstream media hack falling over himself  to laud praise on the iron lady of Grantham, we at stoat towers thought it would be nice to add our own eulogy to the remarkable achievements of this former prime-minister's governments.

    * Wrecked entire mining communities, putting thousands of eminently decent hard-working men on the scrapheap whilst  laying waste to much of the country's manufacturing and skill base.
    "She destroyed the coal industry, the steel, car, bus and motor-cycle manufacturing, truck and bus-making, ship-building and print-industry, the railway workshops… she destroyed more than a third of Britain's manufacturing capacity, significantly more than Hitler's Luftwaffe ever achieved.

    She did this not just because she prefered the spivs and gamblers in the city -they were her kind of people. But because above all, she hated trades unionism, and was determined to destroy it".... George Galloway MP

    * Literally coshed the Trade Unions to their present toothless token existence  in order to enact pernicious employment laws, making hire & fire easier and eroding workers' rights across the board.
    Longer hours for less money and no job security to line the profit pockets of the rich, that's her legacy

    * Passed Draconian housing law, getting rid of Protected Tenacies in the private sector. When your landlord gives you 2 months to get out of your home ( because he can ), you know who to thank.

    * Brought in the care for the elderly act, forcing those in need of residential care to pay for their house a second time to fund it.

    * Gave the order to sink the General Belgrano with the deaths of  hundreds of young sailors  during the Argentine conflict, desipe being informed it was outside the Excusion Zone and sailing away from it at the time. Goaded the Argentines into retaliation, sinking HMS Sheffield with an Exocet sea -skimmer  missile, costing many British lives.

    * Introduced the curse of privatization, selling off state assets such as water and gas that belong to the whole of the British People by rights. Inititiated deregulation of  the financial markets through her friend Alan Greenspan, leading inexorably to the current worldwide  financial black hole.

    * etc etc etc ... oh and cutting out free school milk for growing kids to save a few million when Education Minister in the 1960s.
    ( The good electoral sheeple of the UK can never say they didn't see a dark, heartless malevolence emerging over the political horizon...)


    Yes, boys and girls, here's just so much to thank her for.

    Doing the Twitter rounds just now is " Thatcher dead  - rejoice at that news! ".

    When Cameron says " Thank goodness for Mrs Thatcher " , as he did,  we know exactly where he's at, what and who he really stands for.

    Margaret Thatcher was a thoroughly nasty and vindictive Tory bigot and vulgar money-worshipper.

    Let's all thank her properly on April 17th

    Toodle Pip


  • Meat Hook Monday for Britain's poorest.

    * Post presently being updated...

    Re-post from a couple of years back ..and amazingly relevant today; "Meat Hook Reality Monday" TM

    The stoat will today Tweet  Liam Byrne (  Shadow Work & Pensions)  asking whether Labour will commit to scrapping the " brutal" ( his words)  bedroom tax if re-elected. This should be good....
    Stop press- of course the two-faced political slimeball didn't reply, not to three repeat Tweets.

    ."Find out just what a people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.

    Frederick Douglass



    The quiet tyrant cometh...

    iain duncan smith
    ... and he's about to get even louder.


    Bearing in mind....... the Tories eviscerated British manufacturing in the 1980s, leaving us at the mercy of a service sector infested by greedy bankers led by the likes of Fred Goodwin.

    Yet leading the German recovery, for example, is steelmaker ThyssenKrupp. They manufacture high quality carbon steel, machine tools, automotive parts – everything British workers used to make before the Tories branded them ‘the enemy within' and destroyed their industries, communities, and their pride.

    Generational unemployment followed – for those who failed to find work in a call centre – and the Tories now blame them for their unemployment, describe their children as ‘feral', and attack their daughters' sexual morality.
    Britain's Tories – the most unpatriotic ruling class in the world.....remember when they pontificate "we're all in this together" they mean You're in the shit  together, plebs"

    Now. Behold the latest Tory toff millionaire axeman looming on the horizon of this bleak British industrial wasteland - a drab characterless drone who makes the gingerballs drip Danny "amnesty for IIs" Alexander look like a superhero. Fresh out of heading a social inequality research group( LOL ), fresh from being kicked out of the Tory leadership, now handed an "axe blanche" by the prick Cameron to slash the welfare budget by fair means or foul. And believe the stoat when he says its going to be bloody foul.

    " Cutting the scroungers down to size" ... but notice, CONspicuous by its absence at CONference, Corporation Tax evasion - that costs the country at least ten times more than benefit fraud.

    Under the typical hypocritical political TM guise of "fairness" this "quiet man who is not to be underestimated" and dab hand at portraying black as white, will today at the CONservative CONference announce through the "Chancer" of the Exchequer - that snotty snivelling little pinstriped sack of shite George "Oik" Osborne - plans to unify all benefits "because too many people are trapped in poverty and are better off on benefits than in employment" ( huh? - ed )
    Well that's f*ing well saying something, when the level of benefits in Britain in real terms is about the lowest in western Europe.

    Of course the meat hook reality behind this charade of lame and nonsensical excuses is, basically, savage benefit cuts across the board c/w an entire Reichstag of hard-nosed bureaucratic hatchet men alongside gangs of vindictive snoops in place to enforce new legislation re-defining "incapacity" in a whole new light ( ie. "if you can get out of bed you're fit for work you lazy bastards" ).

    And here's where the real purport behind Cameron's Big Society idea doubtless comes into play.
    Volunteering. That's the big idea.... get the 4 million layabouts out n' working for nothing. Brilliant!

    Iain Duncan Smith, 20 years the social visionary... one minute away from a chauffeur-driven
    ride back to his ivy-dripping multi million pound manse in the countryside.

    Get the dumbed-down sheep out stacking shelves and shovelling shit for nowt! Just think what that'll do for the economy!
    Far East sweat shop owners eat yer hearts out, you got serious competition.

    IDS, Oik, Cameron and the Tories; we at Stoat towers salute your devious genius!




  • One in Three in Eastleigh

    yellow sheep

    Let's hear it for the dyed-in-the-yellow wool sheep of Eastleigh! Still bleating strong post-lying creep Hulme and time shivering under gas & elec' utilities price cosh and fast-privatizing NHS OAP murder, that spineless slimeball Clegg by default allows to continue ( his "stunning victory" line was quite apt, the stoat thought - stunned with surprise at shaving it more like. )

    Would be truly incredible if it wasn't so f*ing depressingly predictable. ( " depressingly predictable" nicked by Osborne's witless scriptwriters, note)

    ( comment on recent  LibDem voter-bashing post at )

    Toodle Pip!


  • Prince Harry and Cabin Fever in Helmand.

    harry grounded1
    (all pics click-enlargeable)

    " .. strange though it is to say about a pilot, Harry comes across as grounded" - Paraic O'Brian Channel 4's Afghanistan reporter.
    And, from the i Paper..
    the down-to-earth prince

    " It was getting boring, it's boring when you don't fly" - Prince Harry

    Harry didn't say he'd personally shot any Taliban, he said "take a life to save a life, that's what we say" and  "we take them out of game"

    .harry grounded2
    "Taking them out of the game"... merely military speak, though it's easy to see how some might get confused...

    " .. it's boring when you don't fly"

    Of course our daring darling hero Prince would never be let out of heavily fortified Camp Bastion, not for a jimmy riddle.

    The UK establishment has far too much to lose to risk its number one overseas military status symbol poking his Apache 'copter blades an inch above the royal safe house's massive reinforced concrete perimeter walls.

    So. Faffing about kicking sand around in Camp Bastion for four months... or gung ho gunning-down "the bad guys" by the dozen?

    The ginger prince most probably isn't a coward - its just a shame he'll never be allowed to get the chance to be a hero either.

    So.  Who's telling it like it is - a humble stoat down a sundry blog tunnel... or the nation's entire mainstream media, TV & tabloid jobsworth journalists & editors combined ?

    Is there any lie they won't push to the British public to keep personal promotion & royal gong prospects intact?

    Ask two very silly questions.


    Toodle pip.


    Harry "overjoyed" to be back in Blighty again, doubtless chomping at the royal bit to get back into the old five-grand-a-night taxpayer-funded-hotel party-naked romp-with-hookers: swing of things.
    It's a tough "other job" but hey, in time-honoured tradition some ultra-priviliged royal parasite or other gets to do it.

    * * * * *
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